Nice things people say...

Dr. Mayer is a Master of strategic vision, innovation, and high-impact execution for transformative value creation. I have never met anyone who could simultaneously grasp the playing field, engineer the solution, and write the playbook at the same time, while motivating and coordinating entire teams to not only meet but also exceed goals. He combines the cutting-edge theoretical expertise of leading academics with a fountain of knowledge and best practices established through decades of unparalleled success leading global organizations to market leadership. Dr. Mayer would be a tremendous asset to any organization seeking new ways to improve business metrics or achieve breakthroughs in innovation.

Dr. Paul RichardsonDirector, MBA - Program Niagara University, Lewiston, NY

For more than a decade, I have had the pleasure to work with Steve around the world on major infrastructure programs. Steve is a strategic thinker with a unique ability to pinpoint differentiators, craft winning messages and communicate complex concepts clearly. Steve knows what it takes to win, and he connects the dots and inspires the most experienced teams brilliantly. From strategy development to presentation coaching, Steve delivers that added-value needed to compete.

Dawn GerryCreative Initiatives Specialist

I’ve worked with Steve on many projects over the years. In each case, he has shown himself to be a brilliant strategist and facilitator. Most impressive is his ability to bring together the disparate opinions and information contributed by a group of strong-willed individuals and develop a path forward that all agree with. Specifically, he uses his skills gained from his academic background, coupled with his business acumen, to form a dynamic strategy, achieve consensus on that strategy and articulate it in a way that speaks to the essence of the clients’ goals. It's this skill that makes him so valuable in the pursuit of a firm’s business pursuits.

Michael IannelliOwner/Principal, MJI Group

I had the pleasure of working with Steve Mayer for ten years at the Parsons Corporation when I served as the International Business Development Sr. Vice President. Steve and I worked together on numerous major pursuits where strategic positioning, partnering, and developing compelling winning themes and approaches were required to win. He has an exceptional ability to focus teams through storyboarding, ideation and brainstorming sessions to bring the skills, creativity and experience that really separated our team from other competitors. As an outstanding presenter, presentation coach, and writer, he brings a critical and objective eye to proposal reviews and business development documents designed to enrich the understanding of clients and have them say, "This is the team we want." I wholeheartedly endorse Steve to support your proposal and presentation efforts if you want to win in the marketplace.

Susana Florian, PE(former) Senior Vice President, International Business Development, Parsons

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority has had the opportunity to work with Dr. Mayer on a number of strategic initiatives over the last twenty years. Most recently Dr. Mayer facilitated visioning sessions with our Board of Directors to develop a framework to create and implement strategies in which to seek US Federal Highway Adminitration designation of US Interstate 81 and Canada’s Highway 401 from the US-Canadian Border as high priority trade corridor with significant economic value to both countries. Also included in the project was to develop a promotional strategy for the corridor for trade and tourism what became to be known as “The Capitol Corridor” connecting two the North American Capitols, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Washington, DC, USA. Working with Dr. Mayer and this office the Authority funded and recruited a full time director to oversee the initiative. Metrics of success and dashboard indicators were developed to fully inform the funding stakeholders of the return on investment for the project. Dr. Mayer played a critical role in the success of this project. His skills in teaching strategic thinking and planning to governance bodies a far above the norm. I would highly recommend Dr. Mayer for consideration for these types of projects.

Robert HorrExecutive Director